Delayed Claims

Delayed Claims

Florida Property Damage Claim Lawyers

If your property was damaged in a hurricane or as a result of a fire, wind, water, mold, or any other accident or disaster, you would like to think that your insurance company will handle your claim in a timely manner. This is not always the case. Some insurance providers use delay tactics to try to get policyholders to accept low settlements, trying to hold on to as much of their profits as possible.

The Knoerr Law Group stands against delays, denials, underpaid claims, and other underhanded practices by insurance companies. Serving the Florida area, our insurance claim attorneys know how to deal with unreasonably delayed property damage claims. We can put the necessary amount of pressure on the insurance company to get your claim moving, and we can even take your case to court if needed. Our goal will always be to recover the full and fair amount of your claim.

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Common Insurance Company Delay Tactics

Delaying a property damage claim may work to the insurance company’s advantage in different ways. It may be a way of bullying a property owner into accepting an unfairly low settlement. It also lets the insurance company continue investing premiums, which generate interest and additional profits.

Our attorneys have seen insurance companies use delay tactics such as:

  • Delaying responses to submitted claims
  • Unreasonably delaying the investigation and/or processing of a claim
  • Changing representatives or adjusters
  • Requesting unnecessary documentation or records
  • Requesting information in increments, rather than all at once

Such delay tactics can make days, weeks, or even months pass by with little to no progress in the resolution of a property damage claim. A property owner may begin to feel desperate, wondering how to recover the money they need to repair and rebuild.

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If enough time goes by and your property damage claim is delayed, you may feel pressured into accepting whatever settlement the insurance company offers. Do not let your claim be undervalued, and do not accept unfair treatment by your provider. Involve our Florida property damage claim lawyers and level the playing field so you can pursue a fair – and timely – payment. Whether your claim has been delayed, denied, or underpaid, we can help.

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  • I recently used Linda and was very pleased with the outcome. She is very knowledgeable in the field and has years of experience to back it up. Thank you Linda for your undivided attention.

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