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Underpaid Claims

Underpaid Claims

Insurance Claim Attorneys Serving Florida

It is an unfortunately rare occurrence for an insurance provider to properly value a property damage claim from the get-go. What typically occurs, particularly in cases involving significant losses, is that the insurance company tries to underpay the claim. Whether they use delay tactics first or offer a lowball settlement right off the bat, they leave a property owner with insufficient funds to fully repair or rebuild.

If you believe your property damage claim is being undervalued, The Knoerr Law Group may be able to help. Our Florida underpaid insurance claim lawyers know when insurance providers are acting in bad faith and undervaluing property damage claims. We know how to evaluate policy language and explain it to you in clear terms, so you know what you are entitled to, what to expect, and how to proceed. We can even help if your claim has already been closed, but you suspect that it was underpaid.

For more information on underpaid and undervalued claims, call (954) 749-3151.

Is Your Property Damage Claim Undervalued?

Property damage claims are often undervalued. Insurance companies and their employees are not interested in paying out large settlements. They want to keep payouts low and premiums high to protect their profit margin, and this can sometimes come at policyholders’ expense.

A property damage claim may be undervalued if:

  • An adjuster is from another state or county. After hurricanes and other natural disasters, some providers pull in adjusters from across the country. These people may not be qualified to properly assess the damage in your area and the value of your property.
  • Damages are improperly misclassified. Insurance adjusters may say that certain damage was caused by something other than the source of your claim. Misclassification of storm damage is a common issue if an adjuster is unfamiliar with hurricane, tornado, or wind damage.
  • Your policy is misinterpreted. Whether through intentional misconduct or negligence, an insurance provider may state that a policy does not cover a particular type of damage that is included in your claim, or that your property’s damage pre-dates your policy term.

If your claim was undervalued, you may have the right to an independent appraisal. You can also gather additional documentation and evidence to support your claim. Regardless of the reasoning behind a low settlement offer, our Florida lawyers at The Knoerr Law Group can take steps to seek a fair assessment. We take on cases involving storm, mold, water, smoke, fire, theft, and all other types of damage. 

Reopening Closed Claims

After their claims are closed, many policyholders lose hope of ever recovering the amount they deserve. Even if the damage occurred some time ago, you may be able to reopen your claim and pursue the full amount you are rightfully owed. Underpaid claims need to be addressed on a case by case basis, so we recommend involving our attorneys as soon as you suspect that you received an unfairly low settlement. 

Contact Our Florida Property Damage Attorneys

If your claim was underpaid or you have been offered an unfairly low settlement, The Knoerr Law Group can defend your interests. We are passionate about fighting for residential and commercial property owners and have experienced firsthand just how difficult it can be to rebuild when your insurance company does not treat you in a fair and reasonable manner. We also handle denied and delayed claims.

Level the playing field – call (954) 749-3151 or contact us online for experienced help with an underpaid property damage claim in Florida.


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  • Linda and her team were extremely honest, professional and knowledgeable. Linda fought very hard with my insurance carrier to ensure the best result for my case. I would highly recommend using Linda and her team! Appreciated all their help. Thank you Linda!

  • The Knoerr Law Group was a very professional company and took care of my case without me having to call them or push them to see what was happening. They were on top of the details and always let me know how things were going. Mr Joseph Littman kept working from home even after the pandemic hit the country and never let that interfere with the lawsuit. I received more than I expected due to the dedicated work by Mr. Littmen and the Knoerr Law Group.

  • I recently used Linda and was very pleased with the outcome. She is very knowledgeable in the field and has years of experience to back it up. Thank you Linda for your undivided attention.

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