Denied Claims

Denied Claims

Property Damage Claim Attorneys in Florida

A denied property damage claim is not necessarily the end of the road for you as a property owner. You have the right to challenge this denial, and our Florida denied insurance claim lawyers can help. With a collective total of over 50 years of legal experience, our attorneys at The Knoerr Law Group understand how to dispute property damage claim denials. We have the understanding and resources to expose bad faith dealings by insurance providers and pursue fair outcomes for our clients.

If you’re looking for experienced legal help after your property damage claim was denied, call (954) 749-3151 or contact us online!

Denied Property Damage Claim? Here’s What You Can Do:

When it comes to property damage claims, denials are not uncommon. Sometimes they are simply the result of missing information or miscommunication between a policyholder and insurance provider, and sometimes they are evidence of misconduct by an adjuster or insurance company as they try to protect their profits and avoid paying valid claims.

If your property damage claim was denied, there are several steps you can take to address this:

  • Review your insurance policy to make sure you know what’s covered.
  • Carefully look over the notice of denial that you received from your insurance provider. It should state the reason for the denial. Call if you have questions about why your claim was denied.
  • Gather additional documentation and evidence of your losses. You can take pictures from multiple angles and describe the events leading to the loss to further support your claim.
  • If you disagree with your insurance company’s assessment of your claim, you can request an independent appraisal. Many policies have provisions that allow for a second opinion.
  • Gather proof that you were properly maintaining your property, to show that the damages were not caused or worsened by homeowner negligence.
  • File an appeal directly with your insurance company, including all additional information and documentation, and request them to review the claim.
  • If your appeal isn’t successful, consider filing a complaint with the Florida Office of Insurance Regulation.
  • Contact an attorney. Trying to appeal a denied claim can be a time-consuming and seemingly impossible undertaking. With the right resources and experience in disputing denied property damage claims, a skilled attorney can help you seek a fair result.
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Instead of trying to deal with a denied insurance claim on your own, involve the team at The Knoerr Law Group. We can review your policy, gather additional information, order an independent appraisal, and file an appeal with your insurance provider. We can handle every aspect of your claim so you don’t have to, and we can use our experience with these matters to pursue a better and faster outcome.

Call (954) 749-3151 to speak with our lawyers. We can advise and guide you after a denied claim.


Hear It From Our Clients
  • I don’t usually write reviews but in this particular case, I felt compelled to do so on behalf of Linda Knoerr and her staff. Without doubt Linda has become one of our family’s heroes!

    She exemplified confidence and compassion for us when our options seemed quite limited. Also, the likelihood of a successful decision seemed that it wasn’t going in our favorable direction. Well, Linda and her staff prevailed and came away with a financial victory for our family. Linda always took the time to explain all of the upcoming legal steps and always maintained her calm composure yet showed her tenacity to the insurance company when necessary!

    I would absolutely recommend Linda Knoerr’s Law Group without hesitation!

  • Linda Knoerr is an outstanding lawyer. She has a unique balance of personal and professional skills. Linda has intellect, perserverance, and relationship attributes not collectively found in my experience with business and broad personal and family related practices. My case was not a layup to present and win. Linda's legal knowledge, personal skills, relationships and persistence let to a settlement that was remarkable...and consequently fully acceptable.

  • We cannot thank our lawyer Linda Knoerr and her team for coming to our rescue in fighting our terrible home owners insurance company, Tower Hill, who left us high and dry after damage to our roof and total loss to our mater bedroom and our living room. Linda would not rest during the fight with Tower Hill. We have never been in such a situation where our protector (Tower Hill) walked away when we needed them the most. Linda Knoerr is a pitbull for justice. And who would have known that insurance companies can do the things they do when we pay them to protect us!!

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