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Your company is something that needs your attention around-the-clock. Any given day, there is probably a long list of things you need to do to run it well—and then some. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to take some of that stress and weight off your shoulders?

At Knoerr Law Group, our commercial and corporate litigation lawyers can help you run your business better by acting as your legal guides for any and all matters that involve your company. When you have a legal question, you can come to us for the answer. Using our extensive knowledge of Florida’s commercial laws and general business regulations, we can steer you towards the right decision that benefits your business the most. We will also be your standby legal team for any matter that goes into the courtroom for litigation.

Why pick Knoerr Law Group for your commercial and corporation litigation needs:

  • 50+ years of combined legal experience
  • Around-the-clock availability
  • History of fighting large insurance companies

With so much riding on the success and health of your company, don’t take any chances by trying to tackle legal issues alone. Call (954) 749-3151 today and connect with our law firm to learn more about our representation for companies and corporations.

How Our Attorneys Can Help Your Business

For every facet of your company, there is at least one rule, regulation, law, or contract that governs it. Commonly, corporate or commercial litigation becomes necessary after one such rule is violated by a third party, or after your company is accused of the violation. Matters can sometimes be settled out of court in mediation or arbitration, but there is a high chance they will lead to litigation.

Commercial and corporate litigation often become necessary due to:

  • Contract breaches: Not following a commercial contract to the letter can lead to devastating consequences and complications. Whether a third party has breached your contract, or you are being accused as the party that violated it, we can represent you and uphold your best interests.
  • Shareholder and board member conflicts: The top members of your corporation can be the source of the worst conflicts. Shareholders are prone to clashing among themselves over control issues, and board members are never guaranteed to see eye-to-eye on how to run the company, either. If a conflict goes into the courtroom, be ready for it by using our legal services.
  • Intellectual property disputes: Your company can be compromised if your intellectual property (IP) is leaked or abused, such as patents and clientele lists. Litigation might be the only way to set things right after an IP violation. You may even be financially compensated by the violating party if the case ends in your favor.
  • Employment law violations: No matter the size of your company, it can – and very likely will, one day – run into an employment lawsuit. Protect your company’s reputation and profits by handling any related conflicts with the guidance of a legal professional.

With our attorneys by your side and acting on your behalf, you don’t have to stress about the fine details of your corporate litigation case. We do that for you, so you can keep running your business as close to usual as you can.

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Hear It From Our Clients
  • I don’t usually write reviews but in this particular case, I felt compelled to do so on behalf of Linda Knoerr and her staff. Without doubt Linda has become one of our family’s heroes!

    She exemplified confidence and compassion for us when our options seemed quite limited. Also, the likelihood of a successful decision seemed that it wasn’t going in our favorable direction. Well, Linda and her staff prevailed and came away with a financial victory for our family. Linda always took the time to explain all of the upcoming legal steps and always maintained her calm composure yet showed her tenacity to the insurance company when necessary!

    I would absolutely recommend Linda Knoerr’s Law Group without hesitation!

  • Linda Knoerr is an outstanding lawyer. She has a unique balance of personal and professional skills. Linda has intellect, perserverance, and relationship attributes not collectively found in my experience with business and broad personal and family related practices. My case was not a layup to present and win. Linda's legal knowledge, personal skills, relationships and persistence let to a settlement that was remarkable...and consequently fully acceptable.

  • We cannot thank our lawyer Linda Knoerr and her team for coming to our rescue in fighting our terrible home owners insurance company, Tower Hill, who left us high and dry after damage to our roof and total loss to our mater bedroom and our living room. Linda would not rest during the fight with Tower Hill. We have never been in such a situation where our protector (Tower Hill) walked away when we needed them the most. Linda Knoerr is a pitbull for justice. And who would have known that insurance companies can do the things they do when we pay them to protect us!!

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  • A Record of Success
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