• Understanding the Impact of Florida's New Claim Filing Deadlines on Property Owners

    Apr 1

    Legislative changes in Florida have significantly altered the timeline for filing property insurance claims, affecting business and property owners across the state. These owners now face the challenge of navigating new deadlines and dealing with casualty losses competently and in accordance with changes in the law.  This blog post ...

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  • Navigating New Florida Property Insurance Claim Laws

    Mar 25

    How Recent Florida Laws Impact Your Property Insurance Claims Florida's landscape of property insurance laws is constantly evolving, presenting significant implications for homeowners and businesses, especially in the face of hurricanes, fires, mold, and other disasters. With this article, The Knoerr Law Group addresses the recent legislative changes in Florida ...

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  • Battling Against Bad Faith: When Should You File an Insurance Lawsuit?

    Feb 16

    Most people believe that when their property suffers loss and damage from an event covered under their homeowners’ policy, their insurance company will treat them fairly. This misconception can cost you thousands of dollars when settling insurance claims. Insurance companies frequently delay, deny, or undervalue claims - and otherwise ...

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  • Dealing With the Aftermath of Commercial Fire Damage in Florida

    Jan 23

    Florida's sunny beaches and lively cities are famous worldwide, but its great climate also brings fire risks. Lately, the state has seen more fires, especially wildfires that have damaged properties. Florida ranks high for wildfire risk, together with the well-known and unfortunate fire related damages from lightning strikes, candles, ...

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  • 5 Benefits of Hiring a Property Damage Insurance Claim Lawyer

    Dec 14

    Florida insurance providers are increasingly denying damage claims. If you've experienced property damage, you might be wondering what options are on the table. When faced with property damage, handling the complexities of insurance claims can feel impossible. In such situations, hiring a property damage insurance claim lawyer can ...

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