3 Common Theft and Vandalism Claim Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Published June 3rd, 2022 by Claim Help Lawyers

97.2% of home insurance claims were for property damage — including damage involving theft.

Theft and vandalism not only hurts your property it is heartbreaking for proud homeowners.. Vandalism can threaten a property's structural integrity and deface its beauty. Theft can result in thousands of dollars of asset loss, affecting livelihoods.

Due to the frequency of these crimes, correctly filing an insurance claim is essential if you pay for coverage of these two types of losses. If the claim is filed incorrectly it could prevent homeowners from recovering their stolen property or receiving compensation to fix the damages created by the wrongdoers.

What are some theft and vandalism claim mistakes? How can property owners ensure that their property damage claim is properly filed and paid?

Keep reading to learn more.

1. Filing Late

To avoid missing a theft and vandalism claim deadline, homeowners must file their insurance claims as soon as possible. Take photographs of the damages and if it is a theft claim you must file a police report to support your claim.  

Timeliness is imperative; waiting will complicate the impending insurance investigation. You will want to be sure to file the claim as soon as possible for the best results. This will allow your insurance carrier to timely inspect damages and to be made aware of the incident. Waiting to file your claim can also delay the property recovery process and hinder essential home repairs.

Property owners with claims must prepare their claim right after a property crime occurs. Take photographs, find the receipts or proof of owning items taken and be organized as  preparation time give a better chance of receiving compensation.

2. Cleaning Up Right Away

After a property crime occurs, many homeowners are tempted to clean up immediately. Instead, they should document the damage before cleaning it up. Cleaning the damage tampers with crucial evidence that could aid their insurance claim.

Insurance investigators can use these pictures to assess the damage from thefts and vandalism. Even if homeowners wrote down as much information as they could, they wouldn't be able to make judgments as accurate as investigators'. Not only that but having no evidence complicates the claim approval process.

3. Filing Too Many Claims

Filing too many theft and vandalism property insurance claims can count against homeowners. Even if every one of these claims is legitimate, insurance companies tend to caution against clients that frequently need their services.

Homeowners that often file property claims could struggle to find different, competitively-priced insurance plans. Sometimes, it's best to pay for minor damages out-of-pocket damages instead of filing a claim as a claim-free discount will pay off and  if you need to file a claim for a much bigger claim it is more likely to be paid.

To avoid this risk, consult a property damage lawyer. These lawyers will verify the legitimacy of a property damage claim. Then, they will consult on whether it's worth risking a bigger future insurance payout.

Don't Make These Theft and Vandalism Claim Mistakes

Homeowners can't always stop criminal activity. But they can recover from criminal disturbances if they avoid common theft and vandalism claim mistakes. By doing so, they can recover their losses.

At Knoerr Law Group, we understand how debilitating property damage is. For that reason, we offer legal services for locals in Coral Springs, FL. Contact us today if your home has fallen victim to theft and vandalism!

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