Business Interruption Loss in Light of COVID-19

Published April 13th, 2020 by Claim Help Lawyers

Property damages relates to the ability for commercial claimants/policyholders to claim damages under their insurance policies for loss of use of the intended business, loss of income during this worldwide pandemic, and any extra costs as it relates to this loss, for example if you are an essential business staying open and have extra costs for different and more significant cleaning and staff protocol and safety equipment – those are business losses.

The types of insurance policies your business may have in place that would allow coverage may include:

  1. General Liability Policies - 3rd party suits like business invitees on cruise ships
  2. Workers Compensation Policies - some healthcare policies include communicable diseases – this is not the average policy
  3. Commercial Property Policies - the language in the policies are key together with the court’s interpretation to prevailing.

These 3 types of policies are generally purchased by a business owner with the intent to provide coverage for loss of business income = business interruption; as damages or losses as a result of a covered loss as per the policy language.

We have been working around the clock and hands on with the local, and governmental agencies to assist our clients to receive positive results for damages sustained during this unusual time where businesses are at a loss daily in Florida.

We have been very successful in receiving cooperation with several of the local governments including Broward County, the city of North Miami Beach, Panama City, Hillsboro County, Key West and are continuing working to implore our government to help us to help our clients to allow and demand payment for these losses at this horrific time in our world through the insurance policies purchased for these damages.

Call us for a free review of your policy or if you already received a denial for your claim let us help you to turn that into the funds you deserve.

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