The Different Types of Property Damage Claims for Hurricane Ian

Published December 6th, 2022 by Claim Help Lawyers

Did you know that Florida has experienced vastly more hurricanes in recent times than any other state?

Florida has experienced 121 hurricanes. That's almost double the amount of Texas, the runner-up state. More hurricanes mean more Florida properties experience damages from wind, rain and all weather related to hurricanes.

Hurricane Ian was one of the most recent and more devastating hurricanes to areas of Florida. Did your property get damaged by the weather during Hurricane Ian?  If so learn about the different types of property damage claims you may have for Hurricane Ian and what policies of insurance you need to properly insure your Florida property.

Your Property's Roof

The roofing system on a property is a common damage from a storm with high windspeeds, slow-moving storm and wind gusts like Hurricane Ian.  The policy(ies) of insurance maintained for the property in place during even determines what coverage you have available and if available based on the conditions in the policy.  Even if roof damage is visible, whether the resulting loss is covered is dependent on many variables before the claim is approved for payment.

An insurance representative will often ask questions regarding the state of the roof before it was damaged, the roof's age, for photographs of the roof including any repairs done and much more. The newer the roofing system, the stricter the building codes and the better chance at less damage and coverage if damaged by your carrier. 

Window Damages

Did you experience water or see water stains below windows in the property after or during the storm?  Many people miss the “envelope” of the property being completely affected by such a storm and simply believe the roof damages caused all of the rainwater damages in the property. This is not true. The wind and pressure from the storm effect the entire building and cause the windows to move and the seals of the windows become compromised even if it does not visually appear that way unless or until a property damage expert inspects every area of the building. There are many techniques, both visual and through testing that should be done to determine the full extent of damages when property is affected by a storm like Hurricane Ian. 

If you believe that your insurance provider is delaying, has underpaid or denied a property damage claim or the adjustment of the claim, then you should contact a legal professional as soon as possible.

Property’s Interior

If the roof or windows of your property allowed water or moisture to enter as a result of the hurricane, then there's a high chance the interior experienced damage as well. From the walls to the floors, to ceilings, insulation, trusses and more. The structure has many parts that you may not be aware of that could be damaged and not seen, this is why you should retain professionals for your property damage claim.

Any water damage in Florida because of the high temperatures and humidity are a breeding ground for mold growth. Most insurance policies have limits on mold damage so it's important to double-check your policy and ask your agent if you can increase mold coverage amounts if necessary for any future events.

Public Utilities

If your property experience significant wind, water or flood damages you should also keep public utilities in mind as being affected as a result of the storm. From electricity to running water, and needing to replace your electrical system to protect your property; these are potential damages from Hurricane Ian. The same is true of telecommunications lines and pool pumps.

Aside from public utilities, there's also private equipment to take into consideration. These could include HVAC systems, furnaces, generators, alarm systems and computers, and machinery, among others. If any of this equipment sustained damage from the recent hurricane, then you could receive the estimated value and replace them.

Proper Claim Filing

Filing a property claim is much more complex than it seems.  From the initial phone call to file the claim to the inspections, to discarding damaged items, every single step affects the final outcome of the claim process.  There are key words and words that will cause a denial that you may say not knowing the technical term to give the carrier.  When a claim is filed generally your property has sustained a loss and you are emotional and flustered by the experience.  As there are   different types of property damage claims for Hurricane Ian, should retain the assistance of a professional to know what should apply to your situation. That way, you can get the money you're owed according to your insurance policy terms.

The Knoerr Law Group will take the steps to ensure the proper handling and ultimate payment of the claim for all damages sustained and covered under your policy. Whether your claim has been delayed, denied, or underpaid, we're here to help. We also specialize in other areas, such as personal injury, real estate transactions, and more.

Please feel free to contact us and schedule a consultation.

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