When Should You Hire Attorneys for Property Damage After a Named Storm?

When Should You Hire Attorneys for Property Damage After a Named Storm?

Published November 21st, 2023 by Claim Help Lawyers

If a storm has damaged  your property, you may think submitting an insurance claim is simple.  Insurance companies sometimes take a very long time to fully process claims, or even reject payments for claims that they should have accepted and paid based on your policy and the law.

When do you retain a property damage attorney? Start reading here. Learn when you should hire attorneys and how a lawyer can help get your life back on track.

When You Don't Need Attorneys for Property Damage

A small, uncomplicated property damage claim doesn't always need an attorney. If you feel comfortable with your understanding of the policy and ability to negotiate, you can move forward on your own. Not every storm damage claim ends up complicated.

Coverage Disagreements

During a named storm, a lot of different types of damage can happen at once. If you run into a $10,000 limit on water damage coverage, you and your insurance may disagree on whether this cap applies to a named storm claim or what part of any water damage falls under this denomination.  Also, you can wind up in a situation where you and the insurance company disagree on repairing or replacing damages in your property.

In cases like these, your storm damage claim will benefit with Knoerr Law Group’s attorney's guidance. An experienced property lawyer can help you sort through what the language in your policy covers.

Damage Disagreements

When you disagree with your insurance company on the amount of damage or the insurance company has a different timeline or date of loss than you believe to be true, contact a lawyer. Insurance companies may close claims when the damages have not yet been fully paid.

An experienced lawyer can help you prove the conditions as required in your policy including the damage to your property for the insurance claim. A lawyer can also negotiate on your behalf with the insurance company. Your lawyer has a more extensive background in negotiations and can free up your time to put your life back on track after a named storm.

Negotiation in Bad Faith

Do you think your insurance company hasn't played fair during the claims process? Get in contact with a property damage lawyer at Knoerr Law Group as soon as possible.

Lawyers help clients fight insurance companies that underpay, refuse to pay, or delay claims. You will need a lawyer to help you understand your rights and build your case. If you have exhausted all remedies to you a lawyer with storm damage experience will help.

Weather Any Storm

When you hire attorneys for property damage, you take the initiative of retaining a professional to recoup your losses and taking care of the specifics to repair your property that you own and care about. While some claims don't require the involvement of a lawyer, lawyers can cut through a lot of common difficulties with insurance companies.

Has your insurance company underpaid your claim? Has your home, business, company,  been damaged by a hurricane, rainwater, wind, mold, or smoke from a storm?

Give us a call at The Knoerr Law Group, we know your rights under the law and we're willing to fight for them. Our founding attorney has experienced storm damage firsthand and knows how important a fair insurance claim can be.

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