• 5 Benefits of Hiring a Property Damage Insurance Claim Lawyer

    Dec 14

    Florida insurance providers are increasingly denying damage claims. If you've experienced property damage, you might be wondering what options are on the table. When faced with property damage, handling the complexities of insurance claims can feel impossible. In such situations, hiring a property damage insurance claim lawyer can ...

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  • Denied Insurance Claims: Why Property Damage Attorneys Are Successful

    Jan 8

    When your property suffers loss and damage, you depend on your insurance to help you recover payment to repair and replace your damaged property. However, the reality is that insurance carriers often deny coverage for property damage claims. Even when coverage is afforded, the amount of the payment might not ...

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  • What to Do After a Catastrophe Strikes in Florida

    Dec 5

    Catastrophic weather events include hurricanes and tornadoes, among others, and can cause disastrous damages such as the destruction of well-built framed houses, total roof failure, wall collapse and fallen trees.  If your home happens to be affected by catastrophic weather, then you may find yourself struggling to ...

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  • Types of Property Damage Claims: What Floridians Need to Know

    Nov 28

    Hurricane Idalia hit Florida only a few months ago and left many properties damaged. While hurricanes and wind storms may be the first thing that comes to mind when Floridians think of property damage, there are several other types of causes of  losses that can damage your home and ...

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  • When Should You Hire Attorneys for Property Damage After a Named Storm?

    Nov 21

    If a storm has damaged  your property, you may think submitting an insurance claim is simple.  Insurance companies sometimes take a very long time to fully process claims, or even reject payments for claims that they should have accepted and paid based on your policy and the law. ...

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