Dealing With the Aftermath of Commercial Fire Damage in Florida

Published January 23rd, 2024 by Claim Help Lawyers

Florida's sunny beaches and lively cities are famous worldwide, but its great climate also brings fire risks. Lately, the state has seen more fires, especially wildfires that have damaged properties. Florida ranks high for wildfire risk, together with the well-known and unfortunate fire related damages from lightning strikes, candles, fire crackers, cigarettes, kitchen fires, to name some.

This article gives a quick rundown on dealing with commercial fire damage in Florida. We'll cover unique challenges and solutions for those filing commercial fire damage claims in Florida.

The Scope of Commercial Fire Damage

Florida's wildfires are a big cause of fire damage. Climate change has made this problem worse, creating drier conditions which allow wildfires to start and spread. About 4 in 10 Florida properties face some wildfire risk.

Florida business owners, should consider the  threat of wildfires as real and dangerous. In 2021, there were about 2.0 deaths and 8.7 injuries per 1,000 fires. Business owners consider liability in their businesses from patrons, employees and weather related damages.  Most business owners don’t own the building.  What happens then?  The lease agreement is the binding document and usually states the tenant is responsible for damages to its products, machinery or loss of business use.  However, it is important to consider the business loss of use, as to the interior property (ie. a restaurant).  A restaurant fire puts a restaurant out of business for a long time.  The product, contents, an monthly profits are all damages.  Hotels, reception halls, all commercial buildings have the chance of being shut down from a wildfire or accidental fire. 

In the US, over 100,000 business fires happen yearly, costing companies more than $2.4 billion annually.

After a Fire

So, a fire hits your Florida commercial property.   First things first, make sure it's safe before you or your employees to step foot inside. Call the fire department to confirm when it's safe to go back in. They'll fill you in on structural integrity and any other hazards-like items that are dangerous to ingest, including smoke and the chemicals used to put the fire out. 

The fire department can also give you the cause of the fire (or a fire marshall and investigator may be brought in )  These persons will provide you in an approximate extent of the damage.  The subsequent loss from putting out the fire included.  Like water damage from their firefighting efforts. Once they give the green light, assess the damage thoroughly. Knowing what's damaged and taking complete photos and videos of the damages and the area inside and out should be taken and kept when contacting your insurance provider.

Your insurance provider will guide you through the claims process and explain what's covered by your policy.

The Fire Damage Restoration Process

After the fire, it's time to think about cleanup and restoration. Since fire damage is unique, a standard cleaning company won't do it. You'll need a professional fire damage restoration service to tackle smoke and soot issues.

During the restoration, keep an eye on costs. Fixing a commercial property after a fire can be tough. Get multiple quotes and find cost-effective solutions, but don't skimp on safety. You will need your city, and or county to provide the ordinances, laws and OSHA rules you and anyone on your behalf needs from your insurance payouts.

You May Need Legal Advice

You may need the help of a legal practice. Fires seems cut and dry and are generally a covered peril in your insurance policy.  However, many times they don't want to pay. They might claim you're entitled to less or refuse to pay at all.

If this happens, team up with an attorney. Contact Knoerr Law Group to make sure your insurance company investigates fairly and pays what you deserve.

Get the Legal Help You Need for Commercial Fire Damage

If you have or had a commercial fire\ at your business and are facing insurance policy issues, we can help?  With over 25 years of  experience esch, our attorneys  handling claims for residential and commercial property owners well fight to get you what you're owed.

Contact us today, and we'll explain how we can help secure the commercial fire damage insurance payout you deserve.

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