When Your Hurricane Claim Gets Denied: How the Right Lawyer Can Help

Published July 7th, 2021 by Claim Help Lawyers

In 2020, the estimated damage cost from U.S. tropical storms and hurricanes was $37 billion. Did you know that those hurricane damage claims were likely undervalued or denied?

If you anticipate having to file a hurricane claim, the process can be slow and challenging. One way to make the process easier is by hiring a hurricane damage claim lawyer!

Using a lawyer can help you get your full insurance coverage with their skills and expertise. Continue reading to learn about the ways a lawyer can help you with your hurricane claim!

Why Was Your Hurricane Claim Denied?

In 2020, three years after Hurricane Irma, about a third of claims remained open or closed without payment. Hurricane damage claims are often denied due to insufficient documentation or miscommunication.

Denied hurricane claims can also be a result of coverage limits or the wrong policy type. Some policies may not pay beyond the coverage limit or may need extra plans for things such as flooding.

It is not uncommon for claimants to follow the necessary steps and still receive a denied hurricane damage insurance claim. This is when lawyers can step in to help!

What a Hurricane Damage Claim Lawyer Does

Hurricane damage claim lawyers advocate for clients by speaking directly with insurance companies. They review your policy to ensure you are in compliance with all conditions and understand the coverage language.

Lawyers can also identify any bad faith practices or issues that prevent you from receiving a full payout. They negotiate with your insurance company for the best settlement amount and can defend you in court.

Insurers may be flooded with hurricane claims and a hurricane damage claim lawyer can fight to make sure they approve your claim.

Who Benefits From Using a Lawyer for Hurricane Insurance Claims?

You can use a lawyer for your hurricane claim if you are an owner of a residential or commercial property. This includes personal homes or business properties that suffered hurricane damage.

If your insurance undervalued your claim, then a lawyer can negotiate for a full payout, sometimes beyond what is listed on their policy.

Hurricane claim lawyers can also fight for denied claims, even if you already filed an appeal or formal complaint. Any claim that was not handled properly, even if inadvertently, is eligible for lawyer assistance.

Claimants do not need to directly pay hurricane damage claim lawyers, they only get paid by the insurer if you win.

Hiring a Lawyer for Your Hurricane Claim

If your hurricane claim was denied or undervalued, then a lawyer can help you receive the funds you deserve!

Whether your family home or business was damaged, you have a right to receive the full coverage amount for your hurricane damage claim. Hurricane claim lawyers fight to make sure your claim is approved and paid in full.

If you need help with your hurricane claim, contact us to get connected with a lawyer!


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