• Florida Property Insurance: A Change to Property Damage Claims (2023)

    Jul 26

    Property owners in Florida know there is something amiss regarding their commercial property and homeowner's insurance coverages and premiums. Over the past years, Florida property insurance carriers have changed strategies including limiting coverages; increasing premiums and requiring interior and exterior home inspections.  As a property owner and in the ...

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  • Insurance Coverage Amounts for Hurricane Ian Damages: Is It Enough for Florida's Construction Industry Costs?

    Jul 18

    Hurricane Ian caused some of the most significant damage in this country's history; and certainly devastated Southwest Florida. The insurance claims are up to $65 billion.  Florida construction pricing and availability of product and labor are some of the industries impacted by this hurricane. However, Hurricane Ian damages have ...

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  • 5 Benefits of Hiring a Florida Property Damage Attorney

    Jun 5

    Property, whether residential or commercial, is typically the biggest investment one makes.  There are many threats to property, such as theft, fire, water, wind, and storm damage - just to name a few. You purchase insurance to protect these valuable investments, and your insurance company should fully, properly and ...

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  • A Quick Guide to Mold and Water Damage Limits in Florida

    May 12

    Water is one of the leading causes of damage to real property, so it is important to know the coverage amounts your policy provides for such losses. Many people are unaware that homeowners insurance policies contain coverage limits for certain causes of loss that pay out at less than the ...

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  • Property Damage 101: Common Causes of Delayed Claims Payments

    Mar 3

    Florida is home to some of the most extreme weather conditions in the United States, including hurricanes, floods, and tropical storms. Unfortunately, these natural disasters often result in property damage for property owners across the state. While filing an insurance claim may seem straightforward, it's not uncommon to experience ...

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